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More about me

Hey there! I’m Hugo

My curriculum

I am 23 and I am passionate about communication and marketing, especially in the digital field. Technology has always been a part of my life, as it is for most people today. But, understanding these technologies and knowing how to manipulate them to my liking has always interested me and aroused my curiosity.

My curriculum

My attraction to languages led me to take a baccalaureate in literature, then a degree in English. Following this, I decided to fully invest myself in the field of communication and digital marketing, which I particularly like.

My trophies

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Série Littéraire

Allowed me to develop my linguistic skills in French, through the analysis of literary works and their understanding.
Words, as well as the way you use them, are impactful.

Licence LLCER
Mention Anglais

Allowed me to develop my linguistic skills in English, but also to learn more about the English-speaking countries and their history.
Discovering the origins of a language, and the history behind, is fascinating and useful for its practice.

Master 1 MEEF
2nd degré Anglais

Allowed me to develop my pedagogic and didactic skills, but also to learn more about the correct way to animate a course as a teacher, by using pedagogy and didactics together.
Learning can be fascinating, but learning to learn can also be.

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On my road


Communication is an art!

I had the opportunity to practice this art to promote the Fratellicut brand. Whether through visuals and storytelling via social networks, emailing campaigns, and even logo creation, I contributed to the birth and development of this company.

The company

Fratellicut is a barbershop located in Metz, France. Quality, authenticity and savoir-faire are the fundamental values of this company.

some of my work for the barbershop

Riding through

La Bière d’un pote

Creativity is the engine

Working for this small independent company, I was able to develop my creativity by creating different visuals for the brand to dress up an entire new line of craft beers. These labels are an integral part of the products, as they embody the spirit of the brand wherever they are sold and consumed. Obviously, it is a pleasure and a pride to see my creations have such a success!

The company

La Bière D’un Pote is a local brewery offering a range of craft beers for all beer lovers. From IPA to Belgian beer, through lager and others, this brewery wishes to please everyone in order to share a moment of conviviality…and beers!

my work for the brewery

School projects


Training is the key

Training is important to build a strong experience and prepare for what is about to happen. If you train hard, with the good amount of determination, there is no reason you cannot succeed and win the race.

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Allowed me to develop my team skills. Working in a team on a digital project and dispatching the tasks between group members. But also working together and share to progress and improve the final result.
Adaptation is a crucial element in a job, and can make the difference in many situations.


Creation of a logotype and its adaptations. Creation of a corporate identity and style guide, with the logo, the margins, the colors, the do's and dont's.


Creation of an association in order to work on all the aspects of digital marketing and communication. From the graphic charter to the editorial charter, but also mockups, creation of the social profiles of the association, and even a website. It allowed me to understand the process of deploying a custom solution for such a project.
Practice makes perfect !

Brand creation
and mockups

Allowed me to learn how to master Adobe softwares by producing graphic productions as close to reality as possible.
Selling is an art, but first you have to know how to sell yourself.

Blanding mockup

Allowed me to develop my creative sense by reinventing famous packagings by the technique called "blanding". Getting off the beaten track and get away from the standards, to propose an unusual vision of packaging.
Conforming is a safe bet, but great success often comes from the unsual and the unexpected.

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“I hope you enjoyed the ride along the road with me. Now that you took the ride with me, maybe you will take me in your stable to compete for you! I am sure that I could proudly brandish and defend you colors.”

Hugo Zurzolo